A company that is able to express its philosophy, even when it produces anonymously, for third parties, with the customer’s brand, consciously contributing to define the taste and the product required.



Our History

Mario Mauceri

Our founder Mario Mauceri starts working in the coffee field in 1968, opening his first coffee shop in the heart of Rome, with an exclusive blend.

An Artisan Reality

The coffee shop is a success. It starts distributing its coffee to bars nearby and, in a short time, the business increases.
It is the beginning of a small artisan reality that, during the years begins to invest more and more dedication to the creation of high quality blends, carefully selecting the raw materials and paying attention to every step of the production.


Behind a successful company there is always someone who made a courageous decision in the past.


Torrefazione ’68®

The artisan activity becomes a successful professional experience without even being aware of this important evolution.
The enthusiasm is handed down from father to son. The new generations have passion and desire to make the company grow up. A new developing process and technological updating starts, to meet market requirements, never forgetting passion and tradition.


Torrefazione ’68® is today considered innovative, but always linked to its history, when the artisan was the creative: mind and work at the same time.


Our Philosophy

Naturally expressing the essence of coffee.

This is our company’s target: searching for quality, since ever, buying raw materials directly from the original countries.

Like an artist doing his work inside a laboratory with creativity, attention and art, Industria Italiana Caffè® works with dedication, knowledge and passion.

We are able to express our philosophy even when producing anonymously, as outsourcer, using the client’s logo only, consciously contributing to define the taste and the product requested.


We believe that a cup of coffee is a satisfied desire. We produce emotions in cup!