A company that is able to express its philosophy, even when it produces anonymously, for third parties, with the customer’s brand, consciously contributing to define the taste and the product required.

Customized Coffee Production

The outsourcing coffee since 1968


Quality Research

As a tailor accurately chooses the best fabric for a cloth, a good product derives from an accurate selection of raw materials and its constant and continuous control.


Blend Creation

It is very difficult to create a blend with a polyphonic combination of positive and perfect scents. It depends, most of all, on experience and the wise art of blending.


Customized Packaging

Packaging represents the first image of the product.
Industria Italiana Caffè® studies together with the customer the best solution and guides it in all phases up to obtaining the finished product.

Work is our passion

The History of our coffee

Torrefazione ’68® was born from the intuition of its founder Mario Mauceri who, having entered the coffee industry, has been passionate about this world since 1968.

Chose your Format

Find the producing method you prefer



Grain coffee is the first product used after the roasting procedure.
Coffee grains are packed, accordingly with the client’s request, automatically into 250 gr/500 gr or /1000 gr packs.



Ground coffee is made with roasted and powdered coffee grains, the best solution for an espresso when not having a coffee grinder.
Recommended for a preparation with extraction by Moka and Espresso.
The coffee powder is packed vacuum-sealed, into packs of 250 gr each, in modified atmosphere without oxygen.



E.S.E. (Easy Severing Espresso) Pods are made of vegetal fiber filter paper. Zero environmental impact, fully biodegradable; compatible with all espresso coffee machines.



Coffee capsules ara compatible with Nespresso*, they are packed in a protected atmosphere or auto protected, in accordance with the client’s choice.

Extraction Methods


Metodo raffinato e difficile molto diffuso in Giappone.

French Press

Metodo basato sull'infusione a caldo. La più semplice delle estrazioni.

Dripper (V60)

Inventato nel 1908 si estrae il caffè tramite una tazza conica con un foro alla base.


Metodo basato sulla percolazione. Gusto pieno ma meno denso della Moka.


Il caffè fuoriesce dal basso verso l'alto grazie alla pressione generata dal bollitore.


Il metodo più tecnico in assoluto permette di ottenere un caffè gustoso e cremoso.

Cold Brew

Estrazione a freddo con un processo lento permettendo di ottenere un caffè dai gusti delicati.


Metodo di estrazione con acqua a 90/95°C versata sopra ad un caffè macinato medio-grande.

Do it like an art, drink it with art.

Abd el Kader

All it takes to fill a room is coffee pot on the stove.

Erri De Luca

What is better than a cup of coffee? Another cup of coffee.

Henry Rollins

The term “Specialty Coffee” refers to green coffee beans of the highest quality, toasted in order to best develop all their aromatic potential.


Our Client’s

Our satisfaction is to see our customers realize themselves in ambitious projects that we follow from the creation of the mixture to the study of the marketing plan of our Brand.



Cupping is the International system for the evaluation of coffee quality, flaw and quotation.